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We regret that the TRUCKINFORM Service is presently unavailable.

Reason: an unexpected change by Google Maps makes the upgrade from API 2.0 to API 3.0 necessary.

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Europe's first truck parking portal is for the benefit of the 4 million long distance truck drivers, half a million dispatchers and, so far, 2'800 truck parking areas in 40 countries.


Truckinform offers searchable overviews and many details on parking areas in 40 countries. This way, many parking areas are made known and transparent to more drivers and dispatchers. Infrastructure can be used better.

Experts estimate that approximately 50'000 parking slots are currently missing in Europe.


Truckinform's dynamic parking data helps guide drivers in time to the optimal available parking area. Look out for the green flags.

EU: Over 30'000 people still die annually in road accidents.
Dynamic parking data can help to reduce this figure. Every accident is worth avoiding!


As soon as a truck parking area operator has subscribed to the reservation service, drivers and dispatchers can book (the site then shows a yellow "R"). Reservations can be made days or hours in advance.

EU: Each year, goods and trucks are stolen, amounting to approximately eight billion Euro(!) loss — and ill feelings. Recommendation: park more securely in reserved sites.

DRIVERS AND DISPATCHERS: it's really easy to use, and it's free of cost

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Truckinform provides you with truck parking information, guidance, and reservation services. If you want to know more, just click here to get more information.


  • Show your facilities comprehensively to Europe's estimated 4 million long distance truck drivers and half a million dispatchers
  • Advertise (for free) your special offers, latest news…

Send us an e-mail telling us who you are, and we will tell you how to update your truck parking areas on this website. And, you can also display parking availability — real time — and can prompt customers to make reservations. Read more.

The things we do was built and is run by Move & Park.

Move & Park is owned by Allmobile, a transport telematics company. Allmobile develops the technologies and businesses to innovatively make better use of existing traffic infrastructure. Allmobile has in-depth know-how in trucking, carpooling, and parking.

Move & Park is a competence centre for truck parking telematics and for secured parking. We offer our services for planning the location of new parking areas and in deciding for the optimum security levels. We also advise operators wishing to upgrade their sites with security. Move & Park works for parking areas along European highways, at critical transport infrastructure, and to secure international ports.

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Our flag-system explained

These are the flag symbols you see on a search results map:

…means that there is a truck parking facility 8 km from your search position

blue indicates that the truck park area is partnering with Truckinform to ensure that the information is up to date

green means that there is truck parking space available

— red means that the park area is full for trucks that do not have an advanced reservation
— "R" means reserve-able
— an "*" would mean that additional security & comfort information is available

Truck park owners should contact us to find out how to partner for more information, how to display parking availability, and how to offer reservation.

Truckinform was co-financed by the European Commission, as part of the SETPOS and LABEL projects.


The most comprehensive source on truck parking in Europe

Background: Truckinform today has information on some 2'800 European Truck Parking Areas, both public and privat — and this number keeps growing. This data has been collected from many different sources and is now ideally updated directly by the parking area operator.

Invitation: we ask Europe's Truck Park Area Operators to write to us: after verification, we will enable you to maintain your own data online.

This portal serves Europe's 4 million long distance truck drivers, and their dispatchers — as well as the transport industry in general, public authorities, and others.